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Intuitive Body Scan

1-hr Zoom Body Scan $65

For your body scan session, I will intuitively scan the energy of your body, chakras and aura to see if there is anything that you need to be aware of. I start the scan from the head and work my way down to your feet. When I am finished, I will let you know everything I saw, heard, or felt.  During my scan, I can potentially see different colors of energy on the body, past injuries, the health of some organs, energetic blocks or stuck energy that maybe causing physical problem, stored emotions that need to be released or anything else that is brought to my attention. Sometimes your spirit guides provide you with some guidance to go along with the information too!


*If you sign up for this kind of reading, there will be an additional waiver for you to sign prior to your appointment. There is no guarantee that I will see a specific illness.


****Disclaimer****- I am not a medical professional. Do not make any medical decisions based on this reading. This is for informational purposes only. Always consult a physician if you feel you have a health issue or if you think you should change your lifestyle or habits.

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