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The Spiritual Professional Code of Honor

The code of honor is an ethical code for psychics, healers, shamans and mediums. Adapted from professional conduct codes presented by the world medical association and the american psychological association. 

I, Kristin Daniels (owner and operator of Balanced Personal Development and website,, hereby certify that as a professional spiritual practitioner, I proudly honor the code of ethical principles outlined below: 


Keep Confidential. A client’s trust is highly valued and everything shared within the client-practitioner sphere is kept strictly confidential. It is ethical only to disclose confidential information only when the client consents to it or when there is a real and imminent threat of harm to the client or to others, and this threat can be only diffused by a breach of confidentiality.

Respect Rights. I respect the rights and preferences of my clients, my students and my spiritual colleagues. I also agree to respect a person’s right to refuse or accept help on their own terms and will never force a reading, a message, my opinions, or my lifestyle on those who choose to withhold.

Do No Harm. I understand that abilities have been gifted to me by Spirit to use only in serving the highest and greatest good of all involved. I also understand that should my gifts be used in ill will, they will be relinquished. I understand that my gifts are solely intended for healing, helping and supporting others and I strive to always use my resources appropriately, in the best way possible, and only in benefit of my community.

Withhold Judgement. I owe my clients and my colleagues complete loyalty and I agree to only provide spiritual services when I can do so as an unbiased and clear vessel. I will not allow my own judgment to be influenced by personal profit, unfair discrimination, or my own emotions. I agree to certify that which I have only personally verified.

Colleagues. A spiritual professional never undermines other colleagues in order to attract his or her own clients and only behaves towards his/her colleagues as she/he would wish them behave towards him/her. When necessary, he/she communicates with colleagues who are involved in the care of the same individual and this communication respects confidentiality, where only the necessary information is conveyed.

Volunteer Hours. I strive to provide the resources that I have to those who need and excel above the national average of 100 volunteer hours per year, providing education, grief support and spiritual support to those in need, when called and when called upon. I provide emergency care as my humanitarian duty, and only when I am assured that others are willing and are able to give such care in my absence, do I rest. 


Musings and Teachings. I certify that all of my shared works are originals, birthed from original ideas, from original life experience and from my own professional experience and expertise. When they are not, topics are appropriately credited and cited. 

Providing Services. I only provide those services that I believe will truly help the client, student or colleague at their highest level. No service will be offered or prepared, if it will not ultimately be what is truly best for the client. When examination of an issue is beyond my capacity, I will refer to a network of trusted professionals. 

Last updated: January, 10, 2022

Developed by Amanda Linette Meder for free and ethical use by spiritual practitioners everywhere.

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