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How to Prepare for your reading

  • Set an intention for what you want to get out of your reading. This can just be done in your head.... Spirit will hear! This will help them direct the reading. Keep in mind though, that Spirit also has their own agenda. They will make sure the messages that come through is what they know you need to hear for healing or personal growth...... Not always what you THINK you should receive.

  •  Find a quiet and distraction free place to do the reading. If you are distracted, this can make you miss important messages and validations that Spirit maybe giving you. You want to make sure you can focus on everything they bring through.

  • I will send you a copy of the notes and messages that I took for you, but you should also take your own notes in addition to mine.  Re-reading the messages and notes from the session will add more to your experience. Often times, a message may not make sense to you at the time, but will make sense later to you upon reflection. Sometimes people forget certain details in the moment, or may not know those details until they ask another family member or friend who was maybe closer to the spirit. Also, sometimes things spirit will share with you hasn't happened yet. If you write it down, you will remember that they shared that information with you when it happens. It really is amazing! 



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