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Referral Program 

To thank you for sharing your experience with your friends and family, I have started a referral program.  For every friend or family member that you refer that schedules a session, you will receive 30% off your next reading. Please read the following details below.

  • Your friend or family member has to enter your name after they schedule their reading. At check out, there is a referral section where they can type your name.

  • You have to contact Kristin at AFTER their reading to receive your discount code. 

  • You have 1 year from your friend or family members session to use the discount code.

  • If you have made multiple referrals, you can add them up for an equivalent to a free reading.

  • You can also gift your discount code to someone else. * You can only use the code one time per referral. If you gift it, you can not use it again for yourself.

  • These details are subject to change at any time. 

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