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Remote House Reading and Clearing

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Do you feel like the energy in your house feels off? Or wonder if you may have some spiritual energy in your home?  If the answer to one of those is yes, then you may benefit from a Remote House Reading and Clearing. Sometimes the energy in our homes needs to be cleared to reset things. Homes can hold on to the energy of the people that currently live there, from previous owners, or the negative person that just visited you. Sometimes there can be spiritual energy that hangs around your home as well.

When I do a Remote House Reading and Clearing I start by connecting with the energy of your home and property. Then, I scan or remote view (Read the bottom of the page to learn about remote viewing) the energy of the entire property, starting with the outside. After that, I enter the front door and gradually make my way through every room/closet in the house. After I am done with my scan, I present to you everything that I see.  After we go over my findings, I will clear the space from where I am and also teach you how to do it yourself so you can clear the energy of your own home in the future. I will also go over how to keep the energy in your home clear and feeling good! 

Doing all this from a distance may sound crazy!  However, when you are working with energy, physical distance doesn't make a difference. Energy is not bound by distance or even time. Energy is affected by our intentions though. This is why I can clear the energy of your house from where I am using intention and visualization.  When we set clear intentions, we can change the energy in or around a space. It truly is amazing! 


** It may help to understand what Remote Viewing is. Remote Viewing is when someone uses their psychic ability of Clairvoyance to "see" a place or its energy from far distances. 

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