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Intuitive Wellness

Package 1: 4-1hr Zoom Sessions, Intuitive scan and Consultation $325 

For the Intuitive Wellness program, I first use my abilities as a Psychic Medium to connect with your energy for any insight into your overall well-being. I then take that information and combine it with my knowledge as a personal trainer to write an individualized 4 week program to aid in balancing your mind, body, and spirit. This whole process is a collaboration with you the client. We will work together to make an exercise program and lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall health and quality of life.

This Intuitive Wellness starter package comes with one consultation with an intuitive body and energy field scan, followed by once-weekly Zoom check-ins. Zoom check-ins will be for 4 weeks to help keep you on track and to adjust your program as needed. Each check-in will also include me connecting with your energy and guides for any further messages or guidance. You will also have e-mail access to me in between check-ins to keep me updated on how you are doing. For the first week, you will receive daily affirmations that I feel are important for you to recite and focus on.  Each week will also have a "homework" sheet that helps remind you of your overall goal and the goals we set for each week.

If you would like the first half hour of your weekly check-ins to be a zoom personal training session, we can do that! Just let me know during the consultation. This program is tailored to your needs.

*Note, when you buy a package, you will only be able to schedule your first session through the website.  The first session will be your consultation.  The following sessions will be scheduled at the end of the consultation.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the intuitive wellness program. 

Package 2: 4-1hr Zoom Sessions, Intuitive scan and Consultation , and 1hr Distance Reiki Session $375 

This Intuitive Wellness Package is the same aa Package 1, except that you also get to have a distance Reiki Session in addition to your other sessions. 

Image by Kaylee Garrett
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