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Clearing your Energy

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Everything is made of energy, including you. The human body has an energetic field surrounding it that contains all your emotions, memories and information that makes you, you. Everyday, your energetic field is interacting and exchanging information with the energetic fields of everyone and everything you come into contact with. Sometimes, your energy can hold onto the energy (emotions, memories, information) of others. This can cause your body to feel drained, or emotional for no reason. Luckily, there are many ways that you can mange this and clear your energy. Clearing your energy should be part of your daily self care routine. We have enough emotions ourselves, we don't need to add everyone else's on top of our own!

Here are a few great ways to clear your energy and reset :

  1. Take a warm salt bath ( if you are like me , you take a hot one! ) and start taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. On each exhale, think of letting go of all the tension in your body, starting with your head and face, and working your way down.

  2. Take a shower while imagining that the water is washing away your negative emotions from the day, as well as the faces and emotions of ALL the people you came in contact with. Imagine it all going down the drain.

  3. Go for a relaxing walk in nature and listen to the sounds, look for animals, notice the colors of the sky, feel the wind. Imagine the wind blowing off any energy that doesn't belong to you or serve your highest good (your own negative emotions).

  4. Put your bare feet in the grass, and imagine sending all the energy you collected throughout the day that doesn’t serve you, down into the ground for cleansing as you breathe ( this is also known as grounding, more on that later).

  5. Exercise! Let the energy out as you work up a sweat.

  6. Listen to a guided meditation about relaxation and think about releasing emotions as you breathe.

There are so many different ways to clear your energy!! Find anyway that works for you. The key for all of them, is setting the intention to release any negative energy that belongs to you or someone else, and the visualization of that release. Let me know if you have any methods that work well for you. Stay clear my friends :)

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