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Finding Balance During the Holidays

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We all know that no matter what holiday you celebrate, or how you celebrate it, this time of year is very busy and can stir up a lot of emotions. Sometimes it's the feeling of being overwhelmed from the never ending list of things to do, excitement for all the parties, or its the sad reminder that certain loved ones are no longer there to celebrate with you for one reason or another. Whatever this season will bring, there are ways to still find balance for your mind, body and spirit.

Let's start with the body. To keep your body balanced and able to handle all that is thrown at it during the holidays, its important to continue eating healthy, whole foods, and getting your exercise 3-5 days a week. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite holiday treats though. To keep your eating balanced, consider only allowing yourself to fully indulge in the seasons goodies at 2-3 events you will attend, rather than nibbling on them all day or for weeks at a time. You still get your treats, but only DURING those special events. Next, we will discuss the mind.

Like I mentioned earlier, the holidays can stir up some sad emotions as well as the happy ones that we usually tend to think of. If you are feeling the holiday blues, a really great way to get a quick burst of happy feelings, is to do something nice for someone else. There is science behind that. Try to do a random act of kindness for a stranger or do something for someone you know is in need and this will spread good cheer all around. We are all connected energetically, and doing something for someone else helps us feel that. It helps us look past our own circumstances and see a bigger picture of universal love. Last, we will talk about balancing the spirit.

As I said in the last paragraph, a quick way to feel happy is to do a selfless act for someone else, but we must also remember to recharge our own batteries. It's important with all the social obligations and todo lists, that we take time to rest and balance our own spirits. A few easy ways are: do a short meditation, make a gratitude list, dance freely to your favorite holiday songs, or create something beautiful (crafts, painting, song, poem etc). Any of the things I just listed are great for reconnecting with yourself, which helps to rebalance your spirit. We have to remember to refill our own cups every day too.

I hope this helps remind you of ways to find balance for yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Happy Holidays to you my friends!

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