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How to Clear Energy in your Home with Meditation and Intention

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

When people come in and out of your home, their energy and emotions can linger or get stuck.  The same is true for spiritual energy.  That is why it is important to periodically clear the energy of your home. There are many different methods to cleansing the energy of your space, but for this post, we will be focusing on how to do it through meditation and setting intentions.

I personally use meditation and intention for clearing my space more than the other methods. One big plus to using this method is... it costs nothing!  You only need yourself and a quiet space. It is always a good idea to clear your own energy first and then turn your attention to your space. 

First, get yourself in a comfortable position anywhere in your home that you’d like.  Next, close your eyes and start taking deep cleansing breaths. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in love and peace. On every exhale, envision yourself breathing out all emotions or energy from your body that does not serve you.  You can then visualize sending all that undesired energy into the ground to be cleansed by the earth. After about 10 breaths, you should be clear and ready to turn your focus toward your space. 

As you continue to relax and breathe, imagine you are walking in through the front door of your home. Stop after you cross the threshold. Picture yourself looking at the room in front of you. Think about light (God's light, universal love, light from the creator, source energy...whatever you feel comfortable with) coming down and filling every nook and cranny of that room. Imagine the light pushing out any energy that does not serve the highest good of the household. Then, you set the intention that the light fills the space with love, laughter, happiness, abundance or anything else you would like. This is your space, so it should be your intention. After your space feels good and clear, move on to the next room, continue this until you have done every room in your home. 

This method of clearing energy works because your thoughts and intentions are also made of energy. The energy in the space responds to the energy of your intentions. The only catch is, you have to believe in the process and trust in your own power for it to work.  This is why it's important for you to use the wording that feels best for you. So trust in yourself, and give this method of clearing a try! Let me know how it goes! 

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