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Mindful Movements

Mindful movements are when you are clearing your mind or "meditating", while in movement. You can do this while walking, running, stretching, doing yoga, swimming, doing dishes, folding laundry etc. This is a great way to incorporate the mindfulness and relaxation of meditation with your everyday movements. It's also a great option for those of us who may have a hard time sitting still in silence to meditate. I like to use this method of mindfulness while I go on my daily walks. Here is an example of what I sometimes like to do:

  1. I start with breath work. I breath in through my nose for a count of 4, hold my breath for a count of 4, then I exhale through my mouth for a count of 8. As I do this, I think of relaxing all the tension in my body, starting with the head, jaw, neck and shoulders.

  2. I then imagine putting all my worries into an imaginary trash bag and tying it up, and setting it to the side. Another way you can clear your mind of worries, is to imagine them all on a white board in front of you, and think about wiping it all clean.

  3. Next, I repeat a mantra in my mind or out loud. For example " I am resilient, I am strong, I am light, I am love"

  4. I take in the sounds, sights and smells of nature.

  5. Last, I think about 3-4 things I am grateful for in that moment

*Listening to meditative music while you move can help your mind get into a relaxed state. You can also listen to a guided meditation if it helps you to have prompts.

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